Our mission is to be an essential resource for development of great stories that will be successful in a competitive marketplace by leveraging our professional and personal contacts to gain exposure and maximize profit share. To accomplish this, we will follow a number of discrete stages, finding outstanding stories, developing screenplays, casting exceptional actors, hiring professionals to film, edit and finish the movie. The production will occur in locations anywhere that meets our criteria of economic, social, and political contexts, and using a variety of technologies and cinematic techniques. Once finished, the product will be marketed, released and exhibited in all channels and territories. 

At this time, 4Horsemen is developing numerous projects.

4Horsemen Team

DC Rahe


Joe BW Headshot.jpg
Joe Brockert

Head of Production

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Eric Wiler

Marketing Distribution

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PK Glazer

Head of Finance

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Larri Sims Jr.

Head of Sound